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sangrita cocktail

Sangrita- little blood- Cocktail

A shot of Sangrita is actually only part of either a Completo or a Bandera, both of which are traditional Mexican Tequila
orders. The Sangrita, meaning ‘little blood,’ is a shot of spicy juice, designed to compliment the sour, spicy taste of
a simple tequila. When you order a Completo you receive a shot of tequila and a separate shot of Sangrita. In a Bandera,
you also receive a third shot of fresh lime juice, which together with the Tequila and Sangrita represent the Mexican
Flag (green – lime, white – tequila, and red – Sangrita).

There are several versions of Sangrita – Mexican and other. The other version uses tomato juice in the recipe, along
with orange and / or grenadine. The Mexican, or to be more precise, the Jalisco (the state where Tequila is
produced) version is a soured combination of orange and pomegranate juices. Both versions sometimes use onion.
Obviously, pomegranates are pretty hard to come by so you’ll have to use a grenadine syrup – but try to find one
based on actual pomegranate.

1 oz / 3 cl freshly squeezed orange
juice (the sourer, the better)
1 oz / 3 cl freshly pressed
pomegranate juice
¼ oz / ¾ cl grenadine (you can
use more if it’s not too sweet)
½ oz / 1½ cl freshly squeezed lime
juice (adjust to the sourness of
your oranges)
Hot Sauce / chili powder / minced
fresh Serrano or Jalapeño chili
to taste
2 bar spoons of finely chopped or
minced onion – optional
Salt to taste – optional

• For best results, make these recipes up ahead of time and
refrigerate, and strain before using. The flavors will marinade
and you don’t have to dilute them with ice, or change the
texture by blending.

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